Urban forests - NationalGeographic

The idea of urban forests is very exciting and trendy. Here is an interesting interview with the author on the subject.

TreepreneursIt is heart-warming to see tree-planting included in our government’s agenda. See article. More about tree-preneurs in South Africa.

Indigenous trees, apart from all their other wonderful benefits, provide the edible biomass that insects need to build up populations large enough to support other wildlife (birds, frogs, reptiles, mammals and a whole lot of invertebrates). Indigenous trees.

OCBC_Skyway,_Gardens_By_The_Bay,_Singapore_-_20140809 aHowever spectacular Singapore’s Gardens By the Bay (of concrete-and-metal tree-shaped superstructures with live plant skins) may be, I reckon if you like trees, plant trees.

I look forward to a future of serious tree-planting. Taken to its logical conclusion, it will lead us to the paradise cities that China has in mind. As long as we stick to indigenous species, I’m happy.