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Globally, biodiversity teeters on the brink of the next great extinction since the demise of the dinosaurs, only this time human activity, not meteorites, are the cause.

What is less widely understood is that plant biodiversity is intricately linked to the survival of insects, and v.v. and together they support life on land.

As the world strives for sustainable development and tackles critical environmental challenges, a deeper understanding and love of nature is essential. Educating children for the present and the immediate future is key to achieving global sustainability.

2020Vision is an education initiative that wants to give young people ‘glasses’ of passion and knowledge. Humanity must learn to coexist in harmony with nature. The world needs passionate young people who can see clearly, who understand the workings of nature and global environmental challenges, who know what can and must be done about it and who are motivated to act for the environment, both now and in their future careers. ​

This innovative school curriculum enrichment programme supports biology, life sciences and environmental education. The programme will include:

  • Teaching resource kit, containing per school:2020 teachers guide
    • 20 copies of What Insect are You? 
    • A teachers’ guide with
      • 10 stand-alone topical lessons, designed to supplement the South African life sciences curriculum (grades 4 to 12) but suitable for extra-curricular enrichment even for non-science learners of any age;
      • Instructions for simple, fun practicals involving live insects;
      • Classroom activities to stimulate discussion;
    • 10 audio-visual episodes;
    • Additional relevant articles, audio-visuals and Internet links;
  • Teacher training workshops targeting 20 schools at a time;
  • Outdoor educational event for 4 children and 1 teacher per school.

2020Vision is unique in its focus on insects. Insects are the dominant life form on earth (at current reckoning), are indispensable in nature, live everywhere, are small enough to handle yet large enough to observe, and are popular with children. Insects are perfect for learning about nature and the environment.

The resource materials, particularly the book and videos, are designed to arouse heart-felt interest, ignite passion and promote a joy in learning, playfully but convincingly covering important biological, ecological and environmental topics. The insect-centered topics surprise and delight children as young as 6, university students, adults and pensioners.

6-min demo video:

2020V 6min demo

The first four units are ready for launching, as soon as funding is available.

Please contact us for further information:

  • Dr Marlies Craig (mcraig@whatinsectareyou.com)
  • Henre Benson, CASME (benson@casme.org.za / 031 826 2508)



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