“Your book, ‘What Insect are You’, is BRILLIANT. It makes learning science so interesting and relevant to our lives. Learners of all ages, who reads this book, will love it. It is easy to read, even with all the scientific concepts in it. It is a comprehensive book on insects which will inspire learners to love science and more importantly, to choose Life Sciences as a subject to study in the FET band. It has beautiful pictures. I can recognize your passion for insects in the way you have explained concepts and written the text explaining the pictures. I recommend that every school and public library in South Africa have a few copies of your wonderful book.”

—Sagie Pillay, Life Science Subject Advisor, Department of Education

“What a photographic feast and an inspiration!!!”

“Dr Craig’s book is a stunning introduction to the world of insects in South Africa. Not only is it beautifully presented but it is also immensely engaging. The young have an intrinsic interest in insects and this book is a way to capture their imagination from an early age, and to steer them into appreciating and even acting upon insect conservation. It is so important to get this book circulated as widely as possible to bring on board the new generation of conservationists.”

—Prof Michael Samways, Department of Conservation Ecology and Entomology, Stellenbosch University

“The book was sitting on my desk when I had a learner (age 12, Gr 6)  in my office, and when I showed it to her her eyes literally lit up in excitement.  I asked if she likes learning about insects and she nodded very enthusiastically.  There was no “selling” needed  —  she spent the next 45 minutes engrossed in the book.”

—Martha Bishai, Director, The Umkhumbane Schools Project, Cato Manor township, Durban

“I’m in the UK with my Granny and she LOVES the book! She’s already half way through, and I only gave it to her last night.”


“I lost my fear of insects!”

—Dunja, mother of three

“She makes the story of insects sound like an exciting drama… Her photos – most of them her own – …catch the insects in interesting, sometimes compromising situations which provide a peek into their everyday battle for survival… She skillfully weaves this into a continuous narrative. Rather than just listing facts, she projects all her own enthusiasm onto a thrilling story, and she is not beyond a regular touch of humour… It is the first book of this kind which I have actually read from cover to cover. My attitude to insects, their uses, and their vital importance to the ecosystem has made a 180-degree turn.”

—Marianne, age 68

“The book contributes in raising awareness and educating people about insects and their importance in provision of ecosystem goods and services. The book is the first of its kind that is able to catch the child and adult’s mind while communicating different insect species, their importance in the entire ecosystem and food web. More so the book tells a story of insects written in a friendly, reader-catching style. The author has succeeded in making science interesting for readers of all ages and I would recommend that this book be included in some curricula for kids at an early age in order to inspire interest in an already scare-skilled biodiversity field.”

—Bheki Mdletshe, Senior Environmental Technician, Biodiversity Planning Branch, Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department, EThekwini Municipality.

“I think it’s great! I really enjoyed reading it… I really love that this book is about each insect order and not just generally interesting information like so many other books. I think it will appeal to both children and adults alike (I even learned a few things!)”

—Kirstin Williams, Curator of Entomology, Durban Natural Science Museum

“There are so many interesting facts and fascinating stories about insects that arouse interest and wonder of insect lives that people don’t know about… what’s so appealing about the book is that it’s not just about the scientific description of insects, it’s actually a discovery of insect behaviour and adaptations and stories about them that make people realize how fascinating and important insects really are.”

—Lynne Matthews, author of Animals of Southern Africa series